Do Not Judge a Blog by the Title

While browsing the internet for concise and relevant information, it may save time and effort to glance at page tabs before moving onto the next blog site. Some titles or uniform resource locators (urls) do not indicate all topics. A blog site that may appear to be completely about technology, such as, may have articles that are relevant to other aspects of the profession. That particular blog focuses on technology, but also offers concise and practical information about starting up a business, investments, social media, and security. Browsers can learn about the latest applications and software, as well as how to ensure workplace safety.

The topics of security, safety, and business are quite relevant to a technology blog. Technical consultants, for example, are often independent business owners. There are retail stores that focus on technology equipment, the latest gadgets, mobile devices, or mass produced software products. An organized blog site will indicate specific topics via navigational page tabs. A drop-down menu can provide a list of articles so browsers can find what they are looking for quickly. That saves time and effort for the site users. It also indicates the versatility of the blog. The information required may be found in two clicks, instead of searching through a new blog site.

A site that has no navigational tabs; provides no direct links to particular topics or articles; or does not explain the purpose or goal of the blog is more likely to be a casual site. Those are entertaining, fun, and relaxing, but will not provide much professional insight or information. That type of blog may include opinions, posts from subscribers, demonstrations of the how the latest drone operates, or player reviews of the newest video game. The information is valuable, but may not be helpful in a professional capacity. Browsers who are quick to judge a blog by its title may miss out on concise and practical tips or advice. While on a site, take a minute to view page tabs to discover all the blog has to offer. The results may surprise you, as well as save time and inform.