Upgrade Trade Show Displays for Increased Participation

Trade shows are typically crowded, loud, and overwhelming. Visitors have to navigate through rows of booths, colors, noises, and stimuli. That is the situation in which your business has to capture attention, stand out from surrounding booths, and make an impression that will last after visitors have left the convention center. The same branding, displays, and promotional gifts as last year are not going to accomplish that goal. Upgrades to presentations and displays can help increase visitor participation and make a connection with new customers.

The look of the booth should be fresh, different, and bold. Many visitors will walk by booths and peak in as they pass. It is likely they will forget the business name and logo as soon as they reach the end of that row. Businesses need to entice visitors to stop at their booths, learn about the products or services offered, and speak to staff or interact some other way. One possibility is an iPad stretch display. The display is narrow, high, and branded in full color. There are racks for catalogs or brochures and the top piece features an interactive touch screen. Visitors can browse the website, find answers to questions, and view key products. This addition is ideal because the visitor is participating at the booth and can get information even if staff are busy speaking to other visitors.

Another way to lure visitors into the booth space is to separate it from other booths as much as possible. A three-sided tent, for example, provides a brief respite from all the noise and crowds in the walkway. Visitors can take a breath, concentrate on the booth entirely for a few minutes, and then continue to other booths. Offering coffee or a soft drink will also make a difference. A curved media wall is another welcoming change from branded tablecloths. Visitors have to physically step into the space to view displays, speak to staff, and receive their promotional gift. Sky banners are available as well. They hang from the ceiling over the booth. People will be attracted to the booth location as soon as they step inside onto the trade show floor. Business owners can click here for a wide selection of new display options. Provide a bold and different look to attract as much attention as possible at the next trade show.